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Private Eye Security specializes in TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) also referred to as a “bug sweep” or electronic eavesdropping detection. Technical Surveillance Counter¬†Measures is an electronic and physical inspection of a designated area to detect and locate the presence of active and passive eavesdropping devices.

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In today’s global economy businesses recognize the importance of protecting and securing their private and confidential information. An organization’s greatest asset is its information and if that information is not properly protected it can have devastating consequences.

Knowledgeable companies provide assurance that they are protected from the theft of their confidential information. Corporate espionage is very prevalent in the business world today and technology advancements have recently produced a wide variety of very sophisticated eavesdropping devices capable of penetrating many security vulnerabilities.

To secure your company’s privacy you need a security professional like Private Eye Security who specializes in this field.

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