GPS Tracking


Private Eye Security uses state of the art professional grade 4G real-time GPS tracking solutions for our clients. These units work in areas where other trackers will not such as inside buildings and in parking garages and are perfect for pinpointing their location anywhere in the US.  Our GPS units are easy to conceal and provide you with real-time tracking updates every 10 seconds and can even tell you when the target enters or leaves specific areas using a function called geographic fencing. These units have superb accuracy and are perfect for executive protection, asset tracking, child locates and vehicle tracking. We provide our clients with continuous real-time tracking 24/7 along with detailed historical reporting and mapping.

We also provide these GPS trackers for rent. No technical experience needed no equipment to buy and no monthly fees. We do all the work and maintain the trackers for uninterrupted support  24/7.  We can also send you text message notifications in real time of  the movements of the target and provide you with historical reports upon request. If you are looking for a short-term professional tracking solution give us a call.